Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

18 October 2013

she's gone mental!

okay folks *bows head and looks around with shifty eyes* ay needs ta talk to yous.
the main servant is loosing it mefinks.
she has this crazy idea about teaching me twicks. aye tell ya, twicks! me! Luka la Loca d'Allicante hasta Breda hasta Medina hasta Sittardia! also known as pwincess luka!

ayes gotta walk between her legs and make the shape of an eight. ayes gotta sit and touch her paw wif mine.
and ayes gotta listen to 'here' straigthaway at all times. and sit down at her biddin.
even when ayes doing som himportant sniffing or when ayes reading up on me wee mail and the poos noos!
it's a disgrace. she finks she can make me do all these things by giving me loads of treats and cuddles.
can't an elderly lady get cuddles for free these days?

now she bought this riddicullous leash to help her teach me twicks. its very very long an ayes gotta walk around and do as she says.
but the meanest fingk is, she always makes sure ayes hungry when we 'train' so ayes finding maself
doing all those silly exercises for ay morsel of yummie.

of course ayes not always in the mood. then ayes tellling her to talk to my paw.
then she sighs and looks sad and i do sumfing silly she wants just ta cheer her up, cuz deep down inside ayes a gud houndie and ay finks ayes getting soft with age.
oooof. mefinks ay needs ta digest that one....
my repputashiun is at stake here! ay needs ta take a good snooze and fink of ways to keep ma diggity and still please her enough to get some yummies.

ayes off now, tummy is full so ayes gonna dream of food, glorious food... tata!