Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

16 April 2011

a greyt day out!

14 April 2011

Save Lennox!

Luka is a little bit upset. Main Servant told us about this poor little doggie that was taken away from his loving family because some people think he looks like a dangerous dog. He never hurt anyone! Luka just cannot understand why people would condemn any dog who happens to look like a dog who might have hurt someone, sometime. Main Servant says in some parts of Germanyland they think us galgos are dangerous dogs because 1 frightened galgo has once bitten a small child and hurt that kid - let me tell you I am sure that it was the parents fault! So often those little two leggers come up to Luka and try and pull Luka ears, me don't like that at all, Luka says snaaarrrrl. Then the nasty big uns say 'she is a naugthy dog'. And Main Servant says no, you kid is the naughty one, I just told you please be careful Luka don't like being jumped at... but they just don't get it. Luka feels sad for all the doggies that are getting killed because stupid people think they look dangerous. Hell, if they would apply that rule to two leggers then Midas would have had every man wearing baseball cap killed. Midas hated men wearing baseball caps. But having them all killed would be stupid cuz some might have cookies. Luka just don't get two leggers sometimes...