Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

20 July 2011

Luka snuggles up for wintertime

What's wrong with da weather, Luka wants to know. It supposed to be Summer but outside it's raining and wet and yikes. Luka cannot even have a good belly-up lie in the hay, coz all in the garden is wet. Humans from these cold wet parts don't understand, us galgos we used to nice temperatures. Nice sunny and warm with little things that go buzz around  be snacked even when ya lying upside down... and to make it worse, Luka saw a dead wabbit!! And Main Servant wouldn't let her go there - saying somesing about cars. Luka don't see no cars juss lovely squashed wabbit... Luka has new goal in life: get to wabbit. Soon! In the meantime, the nice warm soft couch is da place to be ...

2 July 2011

this is why Main Servant and Luka want you to help them in helping the dogs of Spain

these images speak more than words. this, dear people who wonder why we bother taking these dogs out of Spain, is why we do it. This is how the majority of galgos are kept in Spain; totally emaciated, covered in mange,living in dark damp sheds with only their own excrement as floor covering.Stop the limitless breeding of galgos, stop the hunt!
photo's are coming up - weren't able to copy them from website, will update later... anyway those pics were of the raid on a dude named Antonio who kept too many dogs in incredible filthy conditions and in a terrible state - Luka cannot grasp some of her brothas and sistas have to live like THAT. But she is very grateful there are people who care about them, taking them out of that mess, giving them care and love and a forever home if possible... and who are not afraid to go after the evil humans treating dogs like shite, making sure they get to answer for their actions in a court of law and making sure the whole wide world knows what they were doing...Big kudos to those wonderful humans!