Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

31 December 2010

Walking with Iwan

yesterday Main Servant took me in the car again, just the two of us? nooo, we were going to pick up Iwan and we had a great walk! Luka thinkz Luka iz in luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv...
Main Servant will post pictures of lovely Luka and lovely Iwan later.

29 December 2010

A fine day

I had a fine day today. Main Servant decided to sleep in late and when Main Servant 2 came downstairs, he spoke the words I always love to hear: Luka, Guido, you can go upstairs. They always use this as an example to prove that there's nothing wrong with my hearing abilities (in case I take off in the fields), but well...

... anyway, I dashed upstairs and dived underneath the duvet, after of course making a quick stop at the study to snatch some cat food and ignoring the "Luka, NO"s coming from the Main Servants' bedroom. Guido always gets totally mushy and starts quivering and whinning "ooooooh I can go sleep with mommy"-ish, he thinks Main Servant is his mommy and snuggles up with his head on her pillow. I can't even get some rest because he is making these oooooooooh I'm so ghappy noises. But eventually even Guido was snoring and so we all dozed off, and since I was very comfy on my spot underneath the duvet I couldn't even bother saying something to Tequila and Muppet and Loeder about them laying down their furry asses on the bed with us. As long as I had my spot the world was okay. 

After a good sleep Main Servant came up with another great plan: we were going to town, just the two of us (to great dismay of Guido)! I love going to town with Main Servant. She always gets distracted by the things they put on their paws or cloth thingies sooner or later which gives me every opportunity to scout for goodies. Today's loot: half a white bun (Main Servant tried to unlock it from my mouth but I got to it before she could take it away again and quickly swallowed it, NOW try to get it from me, HAH) and a big chunk of waffle thrown by a very nice man from a vending van. Yummie! I got my usual share of compliments on how lovely and pretty I looked and how cute I looked in my coat and snoodie and I got lots of free pets (yes please, go on, go on, a little to the left please there's an itchy, yeaaaaah thanks). The snow had turned into something mushy and filthy which wasn't nice on my paws but I wiped my feet on the pillows in the car on the way back and then my toes felt okay again.

Of course the others were seeing green and smelling my mouth (WHAT did you get, do I smell waffles???!) but Main Servant got another chunk which she split between the five of us. It's a good thing cats don't eat waffles because that would seriously endanger my Luka ration! Now I'm off to the couch, hoping Guido is not going to kick me in his sleep. 
Nighty night from a very pleased and happy Luka!

21 December 2010

Holiday wishes

I have some holiday wishes for you. Of course I wish everyone to have loads and loads of chewy bones (the usual ones), health and happiness for their pack but more than that I wish that many of my friends at Scooby will find their golden basket this year. 

Just look at their pictures, they all wish for a nice warm bed, a coat when it's cold outside and a place in your heart. Especially us  galgos we don't require that much, a good couch and some nice pillows, enough food and a daily walk is all we need. In return we have tons of hugs to offer, we'll make you laugh and we'll decorate your room (no, just kidding, we're not supposed to do that last thing Main Servant says).

If you don't have the room or the money to take one of my friends into your home, please consider virtual adoption, read more about it on At only €10 a month you can support one of my many friends at Scooby, some of which have to stay there because they're just too old like the dogs from jurassic parc garden, or because they need a lot of medication... some live on the Scooby farm and have a good life there, but they all need food, medication and care. Please think of them too when you're thinking of a christmas present! Then we truly can have happy holidays :) 
a gentle nose-nudgie from Luka

20 December 2010

Snow is fun!

It's snowing down here. I like snow. I don't like the feeling it gives to my paws when I stay in it for too long, but for a walk and some fooling around it's great. And of course I look absolutely fabulous in every picture... But pictures tell so much more than words, so enjoy the ones Main Servant took of me and my pack!
Naughty greetings, Luka


13 December 2010

Our little visitors!

We had little visitors yesterday. That was lots of fun! I like little dogs because they're fast and fun to go after. Like a ball on legs. Main Servants were a little bit anxious because when we are outside, Nancy doesn't like little dogs. To be more specific, what she tells us is she wants to eat them and pick her teeth with their femur bone. So the humans in our house were a little bit cautious and put Nancy in her bench, while I introduced myself and the rest of the pack to the little ones. 

Then Nancy was taken out and something really amazing happened. She was very very careful not to get too close to the little ones, and when one of the little ones barked at her at close range she fled. I was in shock. And a little bit pleased, to be honest. Because despite her size I am waaaay tougher than her and I am not afraid of little doggies, me. So there she was, jumping back for a dog the size of her head! It took her a while to get enough courage to lie down close to them, but still she kept one watchful eye open. I was having fun playing with them and Sid in the mean time.We all had a long nap and the next day we got in the bus with the four humans and the little doggies and went for a walk in the woods. That was tons of fun! Of course I did my duty to show them some tricks from the Naughty Doggies Alliance handbook. 

Only Sid all of a sudden wanted to prove something, dunno what but he started being a prick around the most fluffy of the little ones. Apart from that we had a blast and the little doggies were very cool (and probably feeling very tough with all of us long-legged monsters around them hah!) Now I'm off to check on Nancy, she's got one of the oven things from the humans with leftover lasagne in it, hope she'll leave some morsels for Luka!

11 December 2010

Luka's got a brand new coat!

Whoopeee, today's the day! Main servant came back from the store with a parcel and said it was something for me. Of course I couldn't pass that and sniffed it out, hmmm no food, that's for sure. It turned out to be a brand new coat! You know, when main servant ordered the coaties for Fae and me, I was only one year old and still growing. After some time, the coat was too small, my galgo butt came out and let me tell you that ain't comfy when going out in the cold winter winds. So today came in the new one, it's really a bit too big this time but at least it covers all of Luka which is good. I'll show you a picture of me wearing it soon! Now it's time to watch over my chewy bone because that Guido is eyeing it - grrrrrrrrr.

8 December 2010

a request for all my furry friends..

all over the world: because every little bit counts, click daily and help a little !

7 December 2010

Luka's Sidekicks

well... this was supposed to be a slideshow but it ain't working apparently so now I only got stuck with this bit of text and Luka gazing at the screen incredulously: why can't me see me? Oi?

6 December 2010

a gift for the holidays

Sinterklaas is in the lowlands! Down here human puppies believe that once every year, an old geezer with a long white beard, a funny hat and a dress is coming down their chimney to bring gifts. The human puppies put their shoes under the chimney so this guy can drop gifts in there. But there's a trick: you have to give him something first. Or better: his horsie. Yeps, the kiddies really think that this guy is going up a roof on a horse

Now that me thinks is really funny. After all, me Luka almost goes slippieslip when I'm outside in this weather, so how in the name of Dog is a horse going out on a roof covered in ice and snow? According to main servant this is something I'll just have to believe. Well, we're not that good at just believing. We want to see for ourselves. So apparently this Sinterklaas has left a message with main servant that he is going to send something down our chimney especially for me, Luka, because I've been such a good doggy. I can't wait! I have been trying to keep an eye on the chimney but the gas hearth is sooooooooooo warm and cosy I keep falling asleep. I wonder if it is something I can eat?