Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

28 January 2011

food, glorious food.....

Just something more light-hearted to let you have a peek in my dinner bowl: this week's menu.
Monday: kibble and bread, fish oil and a bit of leftover veggies. Scored an apple for snacktime.
Tuesday: kibble and meat (Main Servant always gets those yummie big sausage-like things that are divided up among the five of us) and a dash of oil.
Wednesday: just kibble and bread, not very satisfying. Snack score: nill, they put all the good stuff high up on the fridge again and my the pointy-eareds where not around to hand a helping paw.
Thursday: kibble and leftover pasta, yummie there were some scraps of meat in it! Loved it. No dessert, but still had a chewy from earlier that day. Unfortunately stupid little brother nicked it (uh, Main Servant says, he's axsjually older brother, well he's stupid anyway :P ) Midnight surprise snack: some very good fruits, very soft and nice nice nice with a nice crunchy thing in the middle, the peel was yuk though. Haven't seen much of them here, peel was very dry with little prickly thingies. Went off okay, though.
Friday (tonight): yes!yes!yes! She went out with Sid and came back with a large bag of kibble and a large bag with more of the yummie sausage thingies. Tried to nick one from the kitchen counter but hurt my teeth, damn what did she do to my food? It was muy muy muy frijo!! Yuk. Hope it will be warm when served later tonight. Going to bug Main Servant now, staring her into giving Luka food. Glorious food....

25 January 2011

a sad month for spanish galgos...

dear friends, me brother Guido is always a little gloomy around this time of the year. Traditionally, the end of January means also the end of the hunting season in Spain. 
So, the time of the year the galgueros choose which dogs are allowed to stay and which have to go, or worse still, which ones are going to die. The ways in which those hunters dispose of their unwanted dogs are horrifying, Main Servant can tell you many stories about the fear and pain a lot of my brothers and sisters had to suffer at the hands of their owners, or from just people passing by in the street who didn't care if they lived or died and who would hurt already injured dogs even more. Sometimes when I was in Spain with her, Main Servant spent a lot of time talking about the things she'd seen and saying how she wanted to kick those people's asses all across Spain. 

But it's not just hearsay, I tell you. I saw things with my own two eyes. Like once while we were roaching in the pillows in Main Servant's cosy van, a man came with a car. He stopped in front of the Scooby gate, and then he opened the trunk. I pricked me ears in disbelief. Did he really put his dogs in there? Yeps, he did. Two of them, looking very scared and very skinny. Guido started barking at them. Then he turned away and buried his head in the pillows. I think his galguero put him in the trunk, too. The man then handed over the two scared galgos to Big Boss and had to go into the office, then he went away and the two galgos were put in one of the kennels up front, next to our van. One of them was whimpering all the time, he just wouldn't stop. Main Servant went over and gave them some food and water. When she got back in the van, she was talking about kicking asses again. She also told us that those two were the lucky ones. 
I thought, lucky?? What's so lucky about being locked up in a trunk when it's so hot outside? But she said, at now they at least had a chance to have a better life. Like Guido and Gaia and me. They could have been worse off, much worse. I thinks she was thinking about the dead dog we saw at an illegal garbage dump near scooby, years ago. Or the dogs that come in so often that had been hit by a car and left in the streets to die. I didn't want to think of it anymore so I gave Main Servant a snuggle. We had a group hug, she gave us all a kiss on the head and told us to be good, she had more work to do and would see us later. 
At least we can be sure she will be back, there will be food and more group hugs, kisses and long walks and sleep-ins on Main Servant's bed. If only all the doggies at Scooby could have that kind of life from now on...

Dream on, Luka... Well, let's help them one at a time, as Main Servant says. It may make little difference with the huge numbers of dogs being abandoned every year, but for that one dog it makes all the difference in the world. Just look at those faces at the adoption page. Surely one or two can steal your heart? And if you have no time or space, try the virtual adoption. Main Servant adopted a big mastin girl and two donkeys, imagine the donkeys roaming around in our living room! But thanks to the virtual adoption, they can have a good and safe place at Scooby. Can you help them, too?

paws up, Luka

15 January 2011

Not guilty :3

Okay, we need to work on the details for the next heist. We should have used the maximum space underneath that cupboard and tuck the empty boxes neatly under there, rather than shuffle them halfway. They gave us away. Sure I drank enough water to wash the scent away in my mouth. The stuff made me very thirsty anyway. If only they hadn't found those damn boxes, they never would have understood what happened. Like it all just vanished into thin air. Stupid Guido with his ideas. 'Let's lick them clean so they look like new. They'll think they fell of a shelf. There's so much stuff in their kitchen, how will they ever notice the difference?'

Well brotha, they did.  Exlamations of disbelief from the Servant Two. "They ate all of it!!!All!!!" He even made a point of it, informing Main Servant who was upstairs still in bed by explaining what he thought had happened. I thought: 'Guess a nice sleep-in is out of the question now...' My mouth was sniffed at and Main Servant gave me that 'Luka, nooo?' look. Gaia pointed out that since Sid and Nancy were in their benches all night and the pointy ears were upstairs, we were the only suspects. 

I maintained innocence. It was quite a challenge, trying to look genuinely surprised and appalled at the mere idea of stealing something out of the kitchen. Not for Guido, it's his natural look. He always looks at everybody with an expression of wonder and disbelief. Actually, I felt very pleased about the feast I had arranged for all of us. Gaia demonstratively bumped into a chair, just to make her point that an old blind dog never ever could have committed the crime. Rat. She had no reservations about that when we were clearing those boxes last night. 

So I just looked at them with the best innocent expression I could muster. Guido started whimpering, and pulling his halfwit act. I don't think they bought it, though. Talking about locks and bolts, don't know never had those for dinner but sounds interesting. Have a hunch that next time they have Chinese takeaway, they will put it in their food vault. Damn. Going to work on how to scavenge the fruit bowl. Saw some yummie looking apples up there.
Paws up, Luka

10 January 2011

coaties for my brothas and sistas in Spain!

Hi all,
just a short scribble to let ya know that a really sweet lady came up with a brilliant idea - main servants and other two-leggers can donate a small amount for which she makes coats for our brothers and sisters at Scooby. The sun is out again here and the snow is gone, but at Scooby it is still very, very cold and the dogs need a coatie so please, all help !

thanx and paws up,
big nose-nudgie from Luka

4 January 2011

Happy new year everybody!

to all my two-legged friends and four-legged friends I wish a very happy new year with many many bones, great food, hugs, great holes to dig and a nice warm couch for every doggy still in a shelter! 
Paws up, LuKa