Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

26 November 2012

Luka's playtime wif Sid!

Long overdue... mee playing wif me mate, Sid! And did yous see that... ayes getting GREY hairs! there are silver hairs all over me face! Ayes getting OLD!!

1 November 2012

thinking of the ones we lost...

Some of you think us houndies nebber think of the past. That we live in the NOW and don't dwell on what habs been. But me, Luka is a special houndie (but of course yous knew that allready). 
But I often thinks about the friends that are no longer here. Like my mentor, Midas, who taught me all I needed to know, from how to raid the kitchen cabinets most effectively to how to best get Main Servant's attention or where she was hiding her snacks. Or Fae, who was the mistress of cuddles and could do a great howl. Specially when Main Servant mentions their name, I am always listening and putting up my good girl earsies and tilting my head. Because I knows what she means!

my brotha Guido, Gaia and Main Servant. I was having a stretch at the other couch.

Just a short while ago we had to say goodbye to another one of our family, our wolf mother. When I first met her I didn't understand her, as she kept bumping into things. But soon I realised she didn't see them, she was practically blind. Main Servant told us she was going to be our new sister and she would join us after we all moved to Scoobycountry. She was a lot older than me and had been around in the fields for a while. The stories she told me! She also quickly started to intervene when I or the others were being too noisy or playing too rough, she would tell us off like a good dogmother. We all respected her for that. 

Some times ago before we went on our annual trip with the house on wheels, Gaia got ill. She had trouble walking. Main Servant showed to be a good servant and bought her a pram so she didn't have to walk all the way, and for a long time Gaia was lifted in and out of the pram on our walkies. She didn't do any zoomies anymore though come to think of it Gaia was never the one for real zoomies. She left that to us, the galgos, and to our brotha Sid of course. 

Then one day Gaia could no longer do her walkies into the garden to take a peepee. She wouldn't even do a walkie inside the house to have a drink. She had new perks though, she was carried upstairs and was sleeping with Main Servant in her room! 

Gaia in her Gaiamobile at Lake Balaton when we was on holiday with the house on wheels

But then one evening one of the people wearing the funny shirts smelling of dogs and that strange smell at the vets came into our house. That was a first. We nebber seen them IN the house before, well just once but this time it was diffrent. Gaia had been on the couch with Main Servant and us all day. The vet gave Gaia a prickie and she just carried on snoozing like she had done all day, but this time Main Servant was having tears in her eyes and holding Gaia and kissing her. I lifted up my head and did a sniffy. I knew that smell. It was the smell of Midas and Fae after they had been away with Main Servant, Midas was lying very high on a table in a strange room a long drive away with lots of flowers and Fae was lying on the low table in the main room, on her pillow. Gaia now was put on the same table. I habs seen this before. She was gone. I went over to Main Servant and lay my head on her lap for a cuddle. The others too came up and we had a biiig group hug. 

One of us had left...