Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

23 September 2010

My name is Luka...

and no, I don't live on the second floor. Sadly, I don't get upstairs much anymore, either, since my humble servant prefers to share her bedstead with one of these other two-legged creatures nowadays so I have to make do with her couch. Not bad, that couch, but still, doesn't come close to the comfort of tucking my head under the duvet and using my humble servant's body warmth.
Yes, I can hear you mumble things about counting my blessings. I know, I know. Where I come from, a duvet or even a safe place to sleep was way out of reach for my elegant long paws. I am a mixed breed galgo / greyhound. My momma was a race dog at the Meridiana tracks in Barcelona, and when she was taken to a dog shelter near Allicante she met up with my daddy, a stout galgo boy who was dumped by his boss, a hunter. I later heard my humble servant grumble about this reunion, as she feels dogs in a shelter should not be able to procreate as there are already many more than can be rehomed, but well, here I was, hiding with my momma under the roots of a carob tree, surrounded by many scary events until one fine day some people speaking a very funny language came and took me and another little galgo to a cold and wet country.

For a while I lived in their pack, with about a dozen other galgos and greys and some very strange little rabbits that made a kind of barking noise (later found out they were dogs after all, they were called she-whawhas). Then another lady came by, and I was taken to a new pack with 2 cats (seen them before, they had some at the other house as well), another small dog called Zorq and a really cool big older guy called Midas. He looked a bit like me, but then all grown up and slightly bigger build. I was very impressed with him and he turned out to be an excellent teacher (although the humble servant dared to differ on that point). He even introduced me to the so called 'Booswightenklup', a platform for naughty dogs to exchange experiences in dealing with the two-legged creatures we have as our servants. But I will tell you more about that later!

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