Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

1 October 2011


Me Luka loves wabbit. Me brotha Guido, he loves wabbit too. And yesterday we was lucky, we found a wabbit, and we didn't even have to chase it. Wabbit was berrie berrie dead. Me snatchsnatched it and took a foot, Guido snatched the whole lot - wow! I was about to cheer 'way to go, brotha, now we have an understanding' - but then the Main Servant said 'Guido, no! Let go!' And guess what... that stupid git let go! 
I still had the wabbit footsie so I ran for it, a good thing that by now I have trained ma Main Servant to give up on trying to get anything from Luka's mouth, so I allowed maself to be on the leash but no way I was giving up my wabbit footsie. Chewchew, crunchcrunch, yummie that was GOOD! Guido kept sniffing me and kept nagging me all afternoon on the couch so I breathed in his face, there you go you daft git, who lets go of a tasty wabbit? He was not amused and tried to hide behind his paws. 

Today we was on the same field and I knew Main Servant was going to be watchful and on my case about da wabbit - but actually I totally forgot about it for a short moment 'cuz Sid was on my case taunting me and running around and annoying me so I had to put him in his place - and before I knew whot happened me and Guido was on the leash again :(....
Main Servant walked onto the field and yes there was the wabbit! 
Me looked at Guido and told him here was his chance to make up for that cock-up yesterday, so we both pulled the leash with all our might and yesss! We got da wabbit!! I tore and tore and Guido was tearing the other half, I growled at him to 'damn it let's split even' -  and then it slipped from ma mouth and that Guido weasel tried to run for it taking it all for himself... which he could have, but he was still on the leash, just like me, and there was Main Servant again going 'let GO!'  ..... and the idiot obeyed. 
I was weallyweallyweally pissed off, we were both dragged away from da tasty wabbit, Gaia was just following Main Servant as usual so I tried to get Sid or Nancy to take it for us, but they couldn't be bothered... berrie clear no hunting blood in there!  So now all I have is the smell and the taste, tomorrow if we is going to walk there again, I swear I will take a run for it and go snatchysnatch yummie wabbit and both Main Servant and Guido can chase me to the moon! 

(of course as I am telling you this Guido is on the floor, I cannot stand him on the couch with me, letting go of a wabbit TWICE - that's so daft it should be illegal. Growl.)

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