Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

19 July 2013

Luka having a ball!

sumtimes, ayes habbings a ball! and it's a gud ball. keeps bouncing and bouncing and keeps me busy for well at least 5 minnits. that ball dinnut habz ay chance! ayes totally GRAH'd it!
me bruvva Guido juss duznt get it, he juss looks puzzled and stands in me way so ay bounces him to step aside, ay needs space for me ball!
after being busy wif me ball, ayes hexooooooooooooorstid and needs ay sleep!
and if ayes in ay REALLY funny mood, ayes do wrap maself up like ay pressent for da Main Servant! she lubs it :D 
life's gud if yous ay Lovely Luka La Loca!

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