Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

1 October 2010

the Naugthy Doggies Alliance

Before I tell you more about the latest additions to our pack and 'the others' in our house, I want to draw your attention on a very important institution we call in Dutch "de Booswigtenklup", known internationally as the Naughty Doggies Alliance. Tonto, Midas and me decided to establish this Alliance way back in 2005 as a platform to exchange experiences and give moral support to Naughty Doggies worldwide. 
We are frequently misunderstood, you know. Humans have a different concept of the many things we think of as good, and we hope to create understanding by explaining our motives. 
One of the things humans utterly fail to understand is our cleaning abilities. Humans have a very sloppy nature when it comes to food, they just leave good food behind on high places where they are easily accessible by flies. But when a good galgo (or any good other breed, for that matter) steps in and takes the responsibility of clearing the table, they call us naughty dogs... The first time I got a reprimand for clearing out some vessel containing perfectly good soup, I just didn't get what the fuss was all about. She just left it standing there, what did she expect? And especially us galgos are very good with our long snouts, made for clearing out these funny things they use instead of a decent water bowl. But rather than being grateful for our contribution to the welfare of our planet by saving them water and the funny bubbly stuff they use for washing up, they shower us with complaints and abundant use of that word "no". 
Same goes for our home decoration skills. Humans are so boring, using only the outside of pillows when the inside looks so pretty fluffy on the floor, and don't get me started on the things they do in their gardens... I have heard many stories from my friends, about parts of the gardens being cut off from them because the humans insist on growing tasty stuff there - plenty of it and you're not allowed to eat it. My main servant did it to me too when a part of the garden was fenced in and we were not allowed to go in and have a bite or help out improving the structure of the soil. There's yummie red fruits in there and big tasty green things and even flowers you can eat, but no, not for Luka. And they consistently fail to understand that to have a good sleep, you have to dig a little. Why are their couches so straight? No honest hound can make a good sleeping nest on that! And when we are out and about, cut us some slack, please! We will come back eventually, no need to shout or get fussy about us running away. Can't you see we're on an important mission?
So as you see we have a great deal of education to sort out when it comes to our human servants.  We need to stick together to get the message across. 
Naughty Doggies of the world, unite!
paws up, Luka

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