Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

18 October 2010

My other roommates

Hi all, this time I would like to tell you about my other roommates.

After we said goodbye to Midas and Bo it was just the four of us. Last year's summer we went into the campervan once more and after long hours of snoozing comfortably in the pillows and getting off for a wee and a snack every now and then, I found myself back at scooby. Some time later our human male servant also came to scooby, and soon I overheard the two of them talking about taking in another dog - maybe two. Well there are lots of dogs there and most of them are trying to get home with you, it's very difficult to choose. I liked some of the dogs at the patio but they were staying there because they had humans taking care of them already. Then one day, when we were just having a good sunbask on the scooby patio, they came out with two pups, one of which was already looking quite oversized. They were no galgos but very hairy, jumpy things and it dawned on me I hadn't seen the last of them when I heard our humans use the words 'your new brother and sister'. But then we went away from scooby just the four of us, and I had a great time at a festival somewhere in a far away and hot place with lots of other humans and dogs. I totally forgot about the brother sister thing but on the way back, I lifted up my head and pricked up my ears because I was smelling and hearing something very familiar, we were back at scooby! And when we left again, the two hairballs were with us in the van! They were called Sid and Nancy and although I didn't quite know what to expect I decided to make those two absolutely clear that I am the chairdog of the Naughty Doggies Alliance and I have oldest rights in this pack... 
That all went okay for a while in the weeks afterwards, but soon things started to shift. 

For one thing, Gaia was no longer allowing me to boss her around and she was mothering those two furballs like a real wolf mother. Instead of lying quietly on the couch all day she all of a sudden was bursting with energy and assertiveness. I was both startled and impressed by this unusual behaviour. The furballs also changed, although they still responded obediently to every snarl I gave them, their appearance changed and especially the girlie got incredibly BIG. Guido fell totally in love with her and started to court her, Fae just kept doing her thing and was left alone and fortunately the big one still duck under the table whenever I flashed my teeth. But the other one, he was confusing. He looked a lot like Midas but he behaved differently. He sometimes seemed to challenge me for a play but then all of a sudden started challenging my authority over the couch and we had some clashes - nothing serious but that was because main servant kept preventing us from really getting into a fight. She said something about me getting my coat ripped and needing stitches. I have to admit the one time I actually bit Sid, I spent a good hour getting rid of all that hair stuck between my teeth. Very nifty such a fur coat, I think I am going to demand one for christmas, better than that old wax coat I have. But apparently main servant was talking about my skin when she was talking about my coat... can't take that off, can I.
Anyway, now they are all grown up and the big one is superbig and barking a lot. Gaia now spends most of the day outside in a big kennel with Sid, they just don't get tired of playing. I have never seen her like this before, she looks so much younger! 
When we went for a walk people were going to the other side of the road when they saw Nancy coming up, and now main servant is talking us on separate walks. She says us galgos are doing perfect on the leash and Gaia as well, but those youngsters have still a lot to learn! Hearing her say that made me a very proud galgo girl!

They have a lot of learning to do and recently the humans started watching this bloke on the telly who does all kind of cool things to help dogs and humans with their problems, and they are teaching them to the six of us as well. I will tell you more about that later, and also about 'the others' that live in our house.

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  1. one good thing though: the couch is still mine mine mine!