Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

8 November 2010

A sad day

Dear friends, today I have sad news... Earlier this week we lost one of our own. We already lost many of our own in my time, I saw Midas go, Noseycat, the fat white and orange cat from grandpa that came to live in our house after grandpa had to go to the human doctors' building, and last week main servant went out with Fae on her leash and came back carrying Fae in on a pillow. She was at the vet's before, this Summer she just lay down on her pillow and didn't stir when I poked her, and when main servant got home she almost got a fit and grabbed the little talkie thing and within minutes Fae was carried into the car and off to the vet's. The next day she had an operation and when she came back in the evening the next day she seemed much better, bouncing up the stairs and eating and snarling at me when I came too close - like usual. But last week she got worse, her tummy looked like a water balloon and she didn't feel like doing much. Again she got medicines - big nasty pills that main servant had to break in half to make any infection stop and little ones that made her pee an awful lot. She seemed to recover a little and even went for a little walk around the block with main servant, had a good breakfast (she was very skinny after they operated her first time so she always had 2 meals a day) and then she and main servant went to the vet again, to make some kind of photos from her tummy to see what was going on inside. 

But main servant told me that when they were waiting at the front desk, Fae got all wobbly and started shaking in the legs and leaned on her very heavily. She called for the vet to come over because it was not looking good, and Fae followed her into the practise room to collapse on the floor. Her liver had broken down, it was full of lumps and she was slipping into a coma and she was in pain so the vet gave her something so she wouldn't feel anything and soon after she got something to make her sleep. She will not wake up, I have seen this with Midas. I'm very glad main servant took her home so I could sniff her, although she smelled funny and was very cold. We were all with her, sniffing her and giving her kisses and one of the others, the grey striped one, lied down at her side. Main servant was hugging her and crying and giving her kisses, so I went over to give main servant a hug, together with Nancy and Guido. 

The next day main servant took me on the front seat and Fae in the back, to the building with the oven where they will make ashes out of her. Now I'm the only galgo girl in the house. And that silly Guido is the only galgo guy. Of course this also means a peak in the dog biscuit ratio since there is less of us for the same amount of dog biscuits, but I feel like training another galgo girl. I think it will take a while for main servant to get over her loss, but secretly I hope she is going to take a look at Scooby through her funny little machine and pick another galgo, so there's three of us again (and I have someone to train for the Naughty Doggies Alliance). After all, I'm seven and a half years old now, and since I was trained by Midas, it's now my turn to be someone's mentor.

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