Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

28 January 2011

food, glorious food.....

Just something more light-hearted to let you have a peek in my dinner bowl: this week's menu.
Monday: kibble and bread, fish oil and a bit of leftover veggies. Scored an apple for snacktime.
Tuesday: kibble and meat (Main Servant always gets those yummie big sausage-like things that are divided up among the five of us) and a dash of oil.
Wednesday: just kibble and bread, not very satisfying. Snack score: nill, they put all the good stuff high up on the fridge again and my the pointy-eareds where not around to hand a helping paw.
Thursday: kibble and leftover pasta, yummie there were some scraps of meat in it! Loved it. No dessert, but still had a chewy from earlier that day. Unfortunately stupid little brother nicked it (uh, Main Servant says, he's axsjually older brother, well he's stupid anyway :P ) Midnight surprise snack: some very good fruits, very soft and nice nice nice with a nice crunchy thing in the middle, the peel was yuk though. Haven't seen much of them here, peel was very dry with little prickly thingies. Went off okay, though.
Friday (tonight): yes!yes!yes! She went out with Sid and came back with a large bag of kibble and a large bag with more of the yummie sausage thingies. Tried to nick one from the kitchen counter but hurt my teeth, damn what did she do to my food? It was muy muy muy frijo!! Yuk. Hope it will be warm when served later tonight. Going to bug Main Servant now, staring her into giving Luka food. Glorious food....

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