Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

15 January 2011

Not guilty :3

Okay, we need to work on the details for the next heist. We should have used the maximum space underneath that cupboard and tuck the empty boxes neatly under there, rather than shuffle them halfway. They gave us away. Sure I drank enough water to wash the scent away in my mouth. The stuff made me very thirsty anyway. If only they hadn't found those damn boxes, they never would have understood what happened. Like it all just vanished into thin air. Stupid Guido with his ideas. 'Let's lick them clean so they look like new. They'll think they fell of a shelf. There's so much stuff in their kitchen, how will they ever notice the difference?'

Well brotha, they did.  Exlamations of disbelief from the Servant Two. "They ate all of it!!!All!!!" He even made a point of it, informing Main Servant who was upstairs still in bed by explaining what he thought had happened. I thought: 'Guess a nice sleep-in is out of the question now...' My mouth was sniffed at and Main Servant gave me that 'Luka, nooo?' look. Gaia pointed out that since Sid and Nancy were in their benches all night and the pointy ears were upstairs, we were the only suspects. 

I maintained innocence. It was quite a challenge, trying to look genuinely surprised and appalled at the mere idea of stealing something out of the kitchen. Not for Guido, it's his natural look. He always looks at everybody with an expression of wonder and disbelief. Actually, I felt very pleased about the feast I had arranged for all of us. Gaia demonstratively bumped into a chair, just to make her point that an old blind dog never ever could have committed the crime. Rat. She had no reservations about that when we were clearing those boxes last night. 

So I just looked at them with the best innocent expression I could muster. Guido started whimpering, and pulling his halfwit act. I don't think they bought it, though. Talking about locks and bolts, don't know never had those for dinner but sounds interesting. Have a hunch that next time they have Chinese takeaway, they will put it in their food vault. Damn. Going to work on how to scavenge the fruit bowl. Saw some yummie looking apples up there.
Paws up, Luka

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