Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

7 March 2011

my cat-o-matic

There's something stirring in the hallway. Ears pricking up. The door is ajar. An Opportunity!! I tiptoe around the corner, carefully avoiding to make too much noise with my nails on the floor, and poke my nose into the opening of the cat-o-matic.

Woosh.Woosh.Scratchscratchscratchscratch. Woosh. The crunchy stuff inside the cat-o-matic is flying in my nostrils. Yuk. Luka looking at what's inside. It's Loeder, doing her business. She is a berrie quirky cat. Puts the crunchy stuff everywhere, exept on the snack she puts there for Luka, unlike the others who always cover their goodies. Berrie good. Luka don't like the crunchy stuff, tastes funny. Wooshwooshwoosh. Scratch.Sound of cat's head hitting cat-o-matic roof. "Luka?" Alert. Luka with question mark. Sound is coming from the kitchen. She doesn't know yet where I am. I've still got time. Loeder is wobbling out now. Luka's head needs to go in, now, quick, hurry hurry. Snap. Yummie, this one's still warm, smile!  "Luka!" Oopsie. Exlamation mark. Red Alert. Right behind me. Damn, how do these humans get to move around so quickly? How did she know I was here? Bump. Luka's head hitting cat-o-matic. "Whát are you doing?" Nuffing. Bits of crunchy stuff on lip. Damn. Double damn.Crunchy stuff got in me mouth. Yukkedeeyuk. Look innocent, quick. Wag tail. Meeee? Doing nuffing, ma'am. "Are you eating cat's kaka again? That's nasty!" Hand grips me snout. She's sniffing me out."I can smell it! You smell like cat shit from your mouth. YUK!" Hand quickly unwrapping Luka snout. 

Snort. Humans, pfff. No taste. Stretch on couch,savour da flavour. I love my cat-o-matic!

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