Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

6 December 2010

a gift for the holidays

Sinterklaas is in the lowlands! Down here human puppies believe that once every year, an old geezer with a long white beard, a funny hat and a dress is coming down their chimney to bring gifts. The human puppies put their shoes under the chimney so this guy can drop gifts in there. But there's a trick: you have to give him something first. Or better: his horsie. Yeps, the kiddies really think that this guy is going up a roof on a horse

Now that me thinks is really funny. After all, me Luka almost goes slippieslip when I'm outside in this weather, so how in the name of Dog is a horse going out on a roof covered in ice and snow? According to main servant this is something I'll just have to believe. Well, we're not that good at just believing. We want to see for ourselves. So apparently this Sinterklaas has left a message with main servant that he is going to send something down our chimney especially for me, Luka, because I've been such a good doggy. I can't wait! I have been trying to keep an eye on the chimney but the gas hearth is sooooooooooo warm and cosy I keep falling asleep. I wonder if it is something I can eat? 

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