Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

21 December 2010

Holiday wishes

I have some holiday wishes for you. Of course I wish everyone to have loads and loads of chewy bones (the usual ones), health and happiness for their pack but more than that I wish that many of my friends at Scooby will find their golden basket this year. 

Just look at their pictures, they all wish for a nice warm bed, a coat when it's cold outside and a place in your heart. Especially us  galgos we don't require that much, a good couch and some nice pillows, enough food and a daily walk is all we need. In return we have tons of hugs to offer, we'll make you laugh and we'll decorate your room (no, just kidding, we're not supposed to do that last thing Main Servant says).

If you don't have the room or the money to take one of my friends into your home, please consider virtual adoption, read more about it on At only €10 a month you can support one of my many friends at Scooby, some of which have to stay there because they're just too old like the dogs from jurassic parc garden, or because they need a lot of medication... some live on the Scooby farm and have a good life there, but they all need food, medication and care. Please think of them too when you're thinking of a christmas present! Then we truly can have happy holidays :) 
a gentle nose-nudgie from Luka

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