Luka contemplating

Luka contemplating

13 December 2010

Our little visitors!

We had little visitors yesterday. That was lots of fun! I like little dogs because they're fast and fun to go after. Like a ball on legs. Main Servants were a little bit anxious because when we are outside, Nancy doesn't like little dogs. To be more specific, what she tells us is she wants to eat them and pick her teeth with their femur bone. So the humans in our house were a little bit cautious and put Nancy in her bench, while I introduced myself and the rest of the pack to the little ones. 

Then Nancy was taken out and something really amazing happened. She was very very careful not to get too close to the little ones, and when one of the little ones barked at her at close range she fled. I was in shock. And a little bit pleased, to be honest. Because despite her size I am waaaay tougher than her and I am not afraid of little doggies, me. So there she was, jumping back for a dog the size of her head! It took her a while to get enough courage to lie down close to them, but still she kept one watchful eye open. I was having fun playing with them and Sid in the mean time.We all had a long nap and the next day we got in the bus with the four humans and the little doggies and went for a walk in the woods. That was tons of fun! Of course I did my duty to show them some tricks from the Naughty Doggies Alliance handbook. 

Only Sid all of a sudden wanted to prove something, dunno what but he started being a prick around the most fluffy of the little ones. Apart from that we had a blast and the little doggies were very cool (and probably feeling very tough with all of us long-legged monsters around them hah!) Now I'm off to check on Nancy, she's got one of the oven things from the humans with leftover lasagne in it, hope she'll leave some morsels for Luka!

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